BTL Emsella Incontinence Treatment - Perth

(Only available at Perth clinic - for Adelaide, please see TempSure Vitalia)

BTL Emsella is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and intimate wellbeing. This innovative technology offers a non-invasive treatment solution for incontinence, helping you to regain your confidence. 

Benefits & Results

BTL Emsella Incontinence Treatment - Perth
TreatmentsBodyBTL Emsella Incontinence Treatment - Perth

Is BTL Emsella right for me?

Weakening of the pelvic floor muscles can occur at any time in a person’s life. Incontinence is a common issue caused by this condition, too. It can happen after giving birth, while growing older, or even because of hormonal changes during menopause. If you are one of the 300 million people worldwide who struggle with the following symptoms, you can benefit from BTL Emsella.

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BTL EMSELLA for Urinary Incontinence

BTL Emsella is an effective treatment for treating urinary incontinence. By delivering focused electromagnetic energy to the pelvic floor muscles, it strengthens and tones these muscles, which are crucial for controlling bladder function. Over a series of sessions, patients often experience significant improvements in muscle strength, leading to a reduction in urinary incontinence episodes. This non-invasive treatment can provide lasting relief and improve the quality of life for individuals dealing with urinary incontinence, including stress incontinence and urge incontinence.

EMSELLA for New Mums

EMSELLA offers advanced tightening and toning of the pelvic region to treat post-partum concerns such as diastasis recti abdominis and pelvic floor weakness. Many of our clients see great results when pairing their EMSELLA treatment with StimSure.

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EMSELLA for male health

EMSELLA is medically-cleared and proven to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in males, helping ease the symptoms of incontinence caused by muscle laxity in this area.

If you are a man who experiences erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation, EMSELLA can help strengthen the pelvic floor, increasing penile rigidity and hardness, as well as improving control over time until ejaculation.

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How does BTL EMSELLA work?

EMSELLA uses HIFEM energy to cause deep and intense pelvic-floor muscle contractions, helping those with incontinence to regain their confidence. HIFEM stimulates the entire pelvic floor area and helps with restoring neuromuscular control. A single session causes thousands of supra maximal pelvic-floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in muscle re-education, and improvement of intimate well being. You will remain completely clothed throughout the duration of the treatment.

Common Questions

What kind of results can I expect with BTL Emsella?


According to clinical reports, 75% of patients indicated a reduction in pad usage. Also, 95% of patients reported a substantial improvement in their quality of life after completing treatments. Your results may vary, but many patients have even seen improvement after just one session.

How many Emsella treatments are needed?


While everyone is different, we recommend two half-hour sessions per week over the span of 4-6 weeks. We recommend booking in a complimentary consultation to discuss your personalised treatment plan.

When will I see the results?


Results can be seen as soon as the first session. For optimum results, we recommend a full course of BTL Emsella.

What type of incontinence can BTL Emsella treat?

  • Stress incontinence: This happens when stress is put on the bladder, usually when sneezing, coughing, or laughing.
  • Urge incontinence: This type of incontinence occurs suddenly and includes a frequent and intense need to urinate.
  • Mixed incontinence: This is a combination of both of the types of incontinence listed above.

How long will results last with BTL Emsella?


The longevity of your results from BTL Emsella will vary from person to person. This will depend on factors such as your individual condition, lifestyle, and adherence to any post-treatment recommendations. However, many individuals can expect to enjoy lasting results for an extended period after completing their recommended treatment course.

Studies and clinical trials have shown that the benefits of BTL Emsella can persist for months to years. Many patients report sustained improvements in pelvic floor muscle strength, reduction in urinary incontinence symptoms, and enhanced quality of life.

What does a BTL Emsella treatment feel like?


BTL Emsella treatment involves sitting in a chair while electromagnetic pulses stimulate your pelvic floor muscles. The sensation is often described as a tingling or pulsing feeling. The treatment is well-tolerated and painless. You may feel mild discomfort or muscle fatigue during the session - our staff can help adjust the intensity for comfort of the treatment. 

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