Fotona Laser Acne Revision Treatment

Fotona Acne Revision Laser is an effective and safe option for the treatment and prevention of active acne. This innovative treatment targets the root cause of active acne, reducing inflammation and speeding up the acne healing process.

Benefits & Results

Fotona Acne Revision Laser
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Target the root cause of acne

Fotona Acne Revision Laser is a safe and effective treatment for all types of active acne, particularly inflammatory acne such as pustules, papules and cysts. It works by targeting the root cause of acne, helping to actively prevent, treat and heal active acne.

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How Fotona Acne Revision Works

1. Prevents Acne

Fotona Acne Revision uses a precisely controlled Nd:YAG laser to selectively destroy overactive sebaceous glands, preventing the formation of new acne inflammation.

2. Treats Active Acne

Fotona Acne Revision reduces acne inflammation through photoselective absorption and controlled heating effects.

3. Stimulates Healing of Acne

The Fotona Nd:YAG laser accelerates the healing process of acne by stimulating the formation of new collagen and reducing inflammation of active acne.

Fotona Acne Revision Before and After 1
Fotona Acne Revision Before and After

The first step to clear skin

At BalaBala Laser Clinic, we utilise Visia Skin Analysis to objectively assess your acne concerns. 

This advanced technology allows us to identify the root causes of skin concerns such as acne, and develop a personalised treatment plan to address these concerns. Visia Skin Analysis allows us to detect acne-causing bacteria and inflammation in the skin, providing a comprehensive understanding of the skin's condition. By utilising Visia Skin Analysis, we are able to provide a highly personalized and effective approach to treating your acne concerns. 

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Common Questions

Am I suitable for this treatment?


If you have active acne, Fotona Acne Revision laser can be an effective treatment. As this treatment uses a non-invasive laser, there is no risk of spreading acne bacteria from active acne to other parts of the face. If you are concerned with redness and inflammation from acne, you will benefit from this treatment too.

How many sessions of Fotona Acne Revision laser will I need?


The number of Fotona Acne Revision laser treatments required will depend on the severity of your acne concerns. As a general guideline, anywhere from three to six treatments may be required to see significant improvements. However, this will vary between individuals. We often start with an initial course of 3 treatments and then assess your progress at this stage.

Does this treatment have any downtime?


Fotona Acne Revision laser has virtually no downtime, meaning that you can return to your normal activities after treatment. 

Can Fotona Acne Revision be combined with other acne treatments?


For enhanced results, we often pair Fotona Acne Revision laser with hydrating facials. Facials are a great pairing as they help to improve skin barrier function, which in turn can lead to stronger, healthier skin. 

Can Fotona Acne Revision reduce acne bacteria on the skin?


One of the ways in which this treatment works is by reducing acne-causing sebum on the skin. Sebum is the perfect environment for acne causing bacteria to thrive. By reducing sebum and sebum production, this can reduce the amount of acne bacteria on your skin. 

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