Fotona 4D & 6D

Fotona 4D is an advanced 4 in 1 anti-ageing laser treatment that targets skin laxity, texture, loss of volume and uneven skin tone. 

We recommend Fotona 4D to those who are looking to treat multiple signs of ageing, without the need for fillers or injections. Fotona 4D can be upgraded to Fotona 6D, adding a higher level of treatment personalisation.

Benefits & Results

Fotona 4D & 6D
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Is Fotona 4D/6D suitable for me?

Targets and Prevents Ageing

Fotona 4D laser treatment stimulates new collagen growth, helping to combat and correct the signs of ageing. As we age and collagen growth slows down, we begin to experience signs of ageing - including loss of firmess, skin laxity and fine lines. Fotona 4D can address theses skin issues, helping to tighten and volumise the skin.

Treats Multiple Skin Concerns

Not only will your skin feel tighter and rejuvenated - you should notice an improvement in overall skin quality. Fotona 4D will help to brighten your skin, improve skin tone and smooth texture. 

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How does Fotona 4D work?

Fotona 4D uses a unique combination of four distinct treatment stages for a complete skin rejuvenation effect:

  1. Targets volume through collagen induction, giving a plumping effect to the skin.
  2. Restores youthful texture and tone by using a fractional beam that targets deeper imperfections.
  3. Focuses on skin tightening by heating the skin tissue.
  4. Reveals healthier, brighter tissue below to give the skin a natural glow. This step is like a polishing effect for your skin, helping to remove dead skin cells.

Personalise with Fotona 6D

The Fotona 4D treatment can be upgraded to Fotona 6D which includes two additional skin rejuvenation steps. The Fotona 6D treatment includes two of either the eye (see: Fotona Smooth Eye), neck or mouth area for a complete skin rejuvenation treatment. Fotona 6D is a popular treatment amongst our clients due to its high customisability, targeting your specific areas of concern.

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Common Questions

Who is Fotona 4D suitable for?


Fotona 4D is a great option for those who want a complete skin rejuvenation treatment that targets both superficial and deeper imperfections. Fotona 4D can also be used as a maintenance treatment after a treatment such as Thermage FLX or Ultherapy to enhance results.

How is Fotona 4D different to other skin tightening treatments?


Fotona 4D incorporates four distinct modalities: two dedicated to skin tightening and two focused on enhancing surface texture and skin tone. In essence, it combines the effectiveness of four different treatments into one comprehensive anti-ageing treatment.

Furthermore, Fotona 4D harnesses the power of laser energy, whereas many other skin tightening treatments utilise ultrasound or radiofrequency energy. Although ultrasound skin tightening can deliver more pronounced results, Fotona 4D offers a few unique advantages. Fotona 4D has faster visible results, as well as the added benefits of improved surface texture and tone.

How many Fotona 4D treatments will I need?


For best results, we recommend starting with a course of three treatments spaced one month apart.

Is there any downtime with Fotona 4D?


There is no downtime after Fotona 4D. You may experience some redness and skin sensitivity immediately after your treatment. However, this usually resolves within 24 hours. Our staff will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your skin after this treatment.

When will I start to see results with Fotona 4D?


You will see some results right away as the collagen contracts and tightens the skin. Your complexion will also be a little fresher as the dead skin cells are gently ablated. Further skin tightening and brightening results will appear gradually over 2-3 months as collagen stimulation and skin cell turnover occurs. Full results can be expected around 2-3 months after treatment.

How can I maintain results?


Following your recommended treatment course, we recommend scheduling maintenance appointments every 6 months, or as advised by our laser specialists. These periodic sessions are essential for preserving the outcomes achieved through your Fotona 4D treatment. 

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