Alma Accent Prime

What is Accent Prime (ACCP) Treatment?

(Only Available At Adelaide Clinic)

Accent Prime is Alma Lasers most advanced workstation for skin tightening, body contouring and aesthetic enhancement. It combines a new type of ultrasound technology with the ultra-speed applicator that offers maximum coverage and optimum results. Accent Prime offers the next generation body contouring features. Accent Prime is safe and effective with no side effects or downtime. Gradual heating and an integrated cooling system prevent pain and a more comfortable treatment. The laser free treatment offered by Accent Prime is safe for all skin types also for thin and delicate body parts. Accent Prime is FDA approved for treating this issue.

How does it work?

This platform combines the latest innovations in ultrasound (US) and radio frequency (RF) technologies to deliver effective, highly customized treatments with natural, long-lasting results.


The US energy is distributed homogenously throughout the treatment area, effectively disrupting stubborn fat cells. RF power is then used to produce thermal deep heating to the tissue, resulting in more concentrated energy treatment. This unique combination reduces treatment time and number of sessions while yielding more powerful results.

Before N After

accent prime before and after
accent-prime before N after 2
accent-prime before N after 1

How does it target different body parts?

The Accent Prime is used for skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite treatment. It can also be used following procedures such as liposuction to help with swelling and to smooth out the skin for the best possible outcome.

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